Summer Kids Inline Camps - 2024

Children aged 5 to 15 years

The camp is intended for children aged 5-15, and children will be divided into groups according to their skill and skating level.

Beginners and Advanced

For beginners, the camp will focus on acquiring basic skills in inline skating, while more advanced participants will learn the techniques of freestyle slalom, speed slalom and free jump.

Our qualified instructors ensure that each participant receives optimal instruction and individual attention. For English-speaking children, all of our instructors also teach in English.

More than just the basics

Team CoolSkates specialize in freestyle slalom, speed slalom and free jump; and your children will have the unique opportunity to learn from the most experienced instructors in the Czech Republic. We are proud of our many years of experience in the field of teaching this sport, and as the only international competition team in the Czech Republic, we have extensive experience in preparing students for, and participating in, foreign competitions.

A rich program

Children will definitely not be idle, and after completing our summer camp, they will notice significant progress in their skating. In addition, they will enjoy lots of fun with games and competitions. During the camp, they will learn many tricks and combinations in freestyle slalom, while speed and precision will be practiced during speed slalom training; and they will learn to jump over obstacles. These skills will help children become confident skaters with excellent stability and agility.

Experienced & Qualified Instructors

Our instructors are not only educators, but also representatives for the Czech Republic in freestyle slalom as a global sport. Their expertise and passion for the sport ensures that your children will not only gain a solid foundation in freestyle slalom, speed slalom and free jump, but will also be inspired and encouraged to reach their maximum potential in this dynamic and exciting sport. Join us and give your kids a chance to start their skating journey with the best!

Correct Technique in complete safety

Our instructors emphasize proper technique and safe skating, ensuring that children not only improve their skating skills, but also learn the priorities of safe behaviour on inline skates. The camp also features a day trip that includes walking exploration for beginners and inline skating for more confident students. During this trip, children will learn how to behave properly in the city on skates and on inline paths. In this way, in addition to having fun, they also gain valuable skills and experience.

Great venue & facilities

One of the key advantages of our camp is the exceptional location where it takes place. The beautiful environment of the Smetanovy Sady park, and its largest indoor hall with a high-quality surface, provide an ideal environment for both games and skating. They offer children enough space to enjoy activities in peace without being crowded or at risk of collision from outsiders. In addition, Hall A has a great surface, so your children will be skating no matter what nature decides to do with the weather.

Quality Skates & Protection for Rental

We have a brand new skates ready for you to rent, with an offer of quality and comfortable skates from the MICRO brand . These skates have an adjustable size and frame, which means maximum comfort for your child. They are suitable for both beginners and advanced children. Just choose the size and color. Along with the skates, of course, we also provide complete protective equipment in the form of protectors and a helmet. You have the option to choose from blue or pink colors to make the skating experience as much as possible to your child’s liking. If you fall in love with these skates during the camp, you have the option to purchase them after the camp is over. In this way, you can permanently expand your own skating equipment.


Children are provided with two snacks – morning and afternoon. We head to a restaurant for lunch and they have plenty of drinking water available throughout the day. If the children have any dietary restrictions, please notify us in the registration form.

1st Camp

8. - 12. 7. 2024

Hala A, Výstaviště Flora Olomouc
2nd Camp

22. - 26. 7. 2024

Hala A, Výstaviště Flora Olomouc
3rd Camp

5. - 9. 8. 2024

Hala A, Výstaviště Flora Olomouc
4th Camp

Date TBD

Přerov - Předmostí
Price until 15th June 3.200,- Kč
Early Discount

Save CZK 300 if you pay before June 15 th 2024

Did you know that you can apply for financial contribution for children’s sports activities from your Health Insurance provider or even your Employer? More information can be found in this article 

Price Includes
cena zahrnuje:

Included in the price:

  • Skating lessons for your child
  • Food & drink during the camp, including restaurant lunches, as well as morning & afternoon snacks on-site. Please bring any food allergies or dietary restrictions to our attention when completing the registration form.
  • Prizes and awards
  • Venue rental
  • Exclusive T-Shirt for camp participants (your choice of light pink or light blue)
  • Photos and videos from your child’s experience throughout the camp
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Should you decide to register your child for more than one camp, we provide a further discount of CZK 250 for each additional camp after the first. If you have multiple children, we provide a further discount of CZK 250 for each additional child you register.

půjčovné bruslí
Equipment Rental

We have the finest kids skates from MICRO, available to rent at the camp, including helmets and protectors. Our rental skates are brand new, and perfectly satisfy the requirements for comfortable, safe, and confident skating. They are ideal not only for learners developing their basic skills, but also for intermediate and more advanced skaters looking to advance their abilities towards professional freestyle slalom skating. You can choose from pink or blue, to satisfy your child’s preference. Equipment rental for the full suite of equipment (skates and protectors) is CZK 500. If your child falls in love with the rental equipment, you reserve the option to purchase them to keep forever at the end of the camp for the price of just CZK 900.

Required Equipment

- Inline Skates (for a better experience, we strongly recommend skates with a "Rocker" wheel configuration... if you want to understand more about this, you're welcome to contact us and we can explain further)
- Helmet (bicycle helmet is fine)
- Protectors (wrist, elbow, knee)
- Jump Rope


07:30 - 08:00: Children arrive at Výstaviště Flora, Hala A
08:10 - 10:00: First period of skating, games, and competitions
10:00 - 10:30: Morning Snack
10:30 - 12:00: Second period of skating, games, and competitions
12:00 - 13:00: Lunch
13:00 - 14:00: Fun & Games
14:00 - 14:30: Afternoon Snack
14:30 - 15:30: Third period of skating, games, and competitions
15:30 - 16:00: Collection of children at the end of the day

Registration Form

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Children born in the Czech Republic are issued a Birth Number automatically.
Children with Czech Residency or Citizenship will be issued a Birth Number.
If your child has no Czech-issued Birth Number, please provide their date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY format

Street, City, Postal Code
Choose the date(s) and please send the payment to our bank account 2300978421 / 2010 (Fio banka). Thank you

Please write the size or length of the child’s feet and we will choose the appropriate skate size for you. Also specify the color of the skates – PINK or BLUE.

Name and Surname
I need a confirmation of payment for the Inline camp for a request for a financial contribution (health insurance companies, employer, etc.) *
Consent to data processing *
I agree to the taking of photos, audio and video recordings of my child and their subsequent processing for documentation and marketing purposes of Team CoolSkates.

Any special considerations that need to be made, especially such things as dietary restrictions, food allergies, or other allergies/medical conditions.

Please enter the full name of any person whom referred you, or let us know how you learned about our summer camps. Thank you.

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